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Hemp Fibre

Procuring from Uttarakhand India.

Adult Bed Underpads -

Standard Size.

Hemp Fabric

100% Made in India.

Baby Diapers -

In sizes New Born, S, M, L.

Sanitary Napkins -

In sizes M, L, XL.

Hamp Yarn

Manufacturing with Indian Hemp.

Skin Wipes -

For Baby and General Use

Socks -

Loafers, Ankle, Full Length.

Underwear Men/Women -

In sizes L, XL.

Inner T-shirts -

In sizes S, M.

Protection Kit -

Mask and Head Band.

Product Material Properties

Hemp fibres have high properties of water retention. Their anti-fungal, bacterial and viral properties are also in great attention. More over the eco-friendliness of this material has a long-term advantage of sustainability.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly fibre

One of the strongest and most durable natural textile fibres

Absorbs moisture, prevents bacteria formation

Blocks ultraviolet rays

Superior durability

Easily recyclable

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